About Us

Italian Deli BabyThe Frantonio’s Family

(many people think our last name is Frantonio)

Franco was born in Calabria, Italy (the southern boot).  He learned a lot about cooking from his parents and grandparents. They made their own wine, suppressata, and capicola.  Frank lived on a farm surrounded by fig trees.

In 1976, Franks family migrated to the U.S. He arrived in Mount Vernon, New York near the Bronx.  He worked in coffee shops and pizzerias there.

In 1979, Frank moved to Chicago where he started working at a deli called “Rex foods”.  At Rex, he learned a lot about running a business and ended up managing this popular deli.

In 1987, Frank decided to buy a business in Bloomingdale with a partner.  The deli was all retail.

In 1989, Frank met Patti Mika. Patti grew up in Des Plaines. She is half Italian and half Polish. They started dating and married in 1991.

Patti’s background was in psychology, where she was working as an individual and family therapist.

In 1993, they decided to open a deli/café  in Barrington.  The location seemed ideal and they wanted to sell more prepared foods and catering (due to customer requests).

In 1995, their son Joseph Anthony was born. That is him in the pasta bowl.  Soon after, Angelia Francesca was born in 1997.

We are proud to say the business has grown and developed due to a very loyal customer following. We wish to thank all that have requested our services.

Currently, customers will always see Frank at the deli and he is pleased to give anyone a tour of the kitchen to show how he makes the sausages, fresh mozzarella, pastas, etc.  We even have had some ‘field trips’ for the little ones to observe.

Patti works on the books for the store as well as marketing our unique products. She also substitute teaches for District 95.

Thank you to all…..we appreciate your business!!!   The Bruno Family



We are located on Route 14 between Lake Cook Road and Barrington Library.